The Pebble Labyrinth

The ‘pebble labyrinth’ is an indoor classical style labyrinth, painted on to heavy cream-coloured artists’ canvas. It measures 17’5″ by 16’3″ and each painted pebble which lines the pathway is a unique work of art.

The pebble labyrinth was created on a cold, frosty weekend in February 2012 by a group of volunteers who helped map out the circuits and paint, then decorate, the pebble shapes. We took inspiration from a similar project undertaken in Edinburgh, and as we worked we remembered pebbles collected from beaches around the UK, with all their colour and variety. We considered the mysterious script of lines and patterns frozen in the stone, the holes and crevices, the glittery sparkle of thousands of  tiny crystals.

We remembered past beach holidays with loved ones. We painted our intentions into the pebbles… intentions for those who would walk the labyrinth in future, bringing all their sorrows and joys. We prayed they would find strength and peace on their journey to the centre of this ancient spiral form.

Despite radiators and ceiling fans, the paint was slow to dry in the intensely cold conditions. Finally at 4pm on Sunday 12th February, our feet suitably clad in woolly socks, we were ready to prayerfully, meditatively, begin our first labyrinth walk…

You can see photos of the creation of the canvas ‘pebble labyrinth’ on photobucket by following this link:

2 thoughts on “The Pebble Labyrinth

  1. liz monk says:

    Hi Kay. Its Liz from Bishops Castle, Shropshire. I met you at the Mill Road winter festival last saturday. Its good to see your work. Can you recommend a book Labyrinths which would help us to understand more about them?

    • labyrinthkay says:

      Hi Liz, good to hear from you! My favourite book is Di Williams ‘Labyrinth, Landscape of the Soul’, which you can buy on Amazon, or via Wildgoose Publications at There are lots of other books of course, but this one is a good starting point and has wonderful photographs.
      Do keep in touch, I hope I’ll get to see your orchard labyrinth one day!

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