Gardening the labyrinth

Labyrinth Gardening involves a get-together of ‘Team Labyrinth’ –  an enthusiastic group of green-fingered volunteers who, from time to time throughout the year, lavish tlc on the turf labyrinth in the grounds of the Meridian Primary School in Comberton, Cambridgeshire. The Comberton labyrinth was cut in 2007 as a Millenium project, and is a copy of the ancient Comberton ‘Mazles’ which used to be nearby, but was sadly destroyed in 1929.

Whilst working we are often visited by the labyrinth cat, a fine tortoiseshell and white feline, who likes to show off her skill at catching mice in the nearby wood pile. Other nearby residents are song birds, squirrels, rooks and the occasional five-aside team or family group heading for the play area.

Our labyrinth labours – weeding, edging, re-seeding – are a wonderful focus for in-depth discussions of life, the universe and everything, and as a team we are also building a strong tradition of high quality tea and cake breaks. We normally end the afternoon with a reflective labyrinth walk. Releasing… receiving… returning.  When we  leave, we generally go with a peaceful sense that we have played our part in nurturing something good and grounded.

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