Making a classical labyrinth – animation

Making a classical labyrinth – animation

Please follow this link to see a funky animation of the process of making a seven-circuit classical labyrinth, using a rope attached to a central swivel. The rope is first marked with the path widths, using knots or tape. Note that the first mark on the rope is only half a path width. It only remains for the labyrinth making ‘team’ to follow the marks with corn, sand, masking tape etc. Thank you to Jo Edkins for making and sharing this excellent animation. Also thanks to Jeff Saward and the Labyrinthos site for providing instructions for this method of making a labyrinth. Hours of fun! If you decide to make a corn labyrinth yourself, you will need one sack of mixed corn and seven lemonade bottles cut into scoops… also a willing team of helpers, including a ‘runner’ to keep topping up the corn.

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