Mill Road Winter Fair 2018


Come and join me making a corn labyrinth for the wonderful Mill Road Winter Fair on Saturday 1 December 2018. You’ll need to wrap up warm (the clue is in the name!) but you’ll be sure to have fun. On the first Saturday in December each year this long and characterful Cambridge street is closed to traffic so that local residents and businesses can open their doors and sell their wares from roadside stalls, while live music and alfresco food smells mingle to create a festival atmosphere. Local churches and mosques also open their doors.

You will find the labyrinth on Petersfield, on the corner of East Road and Mill Road, near the children’s play area. The labyrinth is a great symbol of community and an oasis of calm amid the busy-ness of the fair. We’ll be making the labyrinth (using the sort of corn you feed to chickens) from 10.30 am (it’s fun to take part, or just watch the process – helpers always welcome). It will be ready for walking from 11.30, and we’ll light it up with tea lights in jam jars from 3.00 pm. The whole fair finishes by 4.30 when the road re-opens, so don’t leave it too late to visit!

If you are planning to come and help, do send me a message. See you there…